Welcome to Soma Ceremonies!

Chiang Mai’s Nature Immersive Breathwork, Sound Journey & Cacao Healing Events for the Community ❀ ❀ ❀ 

Our Ceremony Details…

Aztec Brew

Sacred cacao and a microdose of mushrooms as a heart and mind expansion medicine.

Therapeutic Connection

Co-regulation exercises to bring us to active our body’s center alongside breathwork and live sound journey.

Nature Walk

Cozy jungle walk to a lake allowing us to slow down and observe nature’s bright colors and soothing sounds.

“So I have experienced the ceremony and I would say it was terrific. The facilitators Marbella and Mayda were very attentive and nurturing. There was instruments, group dynamics of sharing, voice and expression as much as a delicious meal together. I felt embraced and definitely had a good time feeding my relations and soul. So many details that made the experience very unique and satisfying. Thank you very much.”

Fernanda Perea

We create community.

We strive to create a home away from home at Ananda House in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We bring safety in self-exploration, music, breathwork, self-massage, plant medicine, vocal expression, grounding, and co-regulating.

“Soma ceremony was such a heart opening experience. The community created in such a short time with strangers was so nourishing to my soul. I felt held and supported as we sang and shared our voices. It was the beauty of sacred sisterhood. Reminding me of my magic as I saw it reflected in the other. And the cacao is delicious! Thank you Marbella Maida and Nani for creating this experience.”

Jackie Shribbs

Why Soma Ceremonies…


Maida is an extraordinary sound healer and kitchen fairy, her music and cacao is so rich with healing energy. Maida also cooks delicious meals for every ceremony, bringing nourishment to the body.


Marbella is a plant medicine facilitator with extensive experience in creating safe space for people to heal in northern Thailand, trained and working with retreat experts.


Nani is a nurturing presence with calming femininity that effortlessly guides meditations and yoga that’s centered for the heart and mental health. She is also a very skilled photographer.

“Soma Ceremony June 11, 2023 Shared in a very neutral, comfortable space with 2 skilled co leaders & 8 young, open & loving participants Thoughtful program… softly paced with easy connections in the gathering. Highly recommend if you’re angry, shutdown, closed hearted & in need of healing spaciousness. Good energy & creative place with a lovely group, experienced trusted, safe sharing with supportive resonance, nature walk, music & polyvagal tuning Lunch was a huge YUM Well worth exploration. Grateful to Maida, Marbella, Nani & all who gathered with authenticity & openness.”

Julia Howell

Up coming ceremony in August 2023 at Ananda House

“Soma ceremonies are very special because they embrace the feminine in such a beautiful manner. I was deeply touched by the intuitive way the three kind hosts opened a space for healing, expression and togetherness. These ceremonies are for everyone who wants to feel mother earth in a very nurishing way. I can highly reccomend it to everyone who wants to deepen the connection to oneself, others and nature. Thank you for a memorable experience.”

Flavia Barandun

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